Nebraska Sports Council Code of Conduct and Sportsmanship Statement

At the Nebraska Sports Council, we are committed to promoting a positive and inclusive sporting environment that fosters fair play, respect, and sportsmanship among all participants, spectators, officials, and volunteers. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where everyone can enjoy the thrill of competition while upholding the highest standards of conduct. By participating in our events, you agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct and Sportsmanship principles:

1. Respect for All: Treat all participants, coaches, officials, volunteers, and spectators with respect, regardless of their background, skill level, or affiliation. Display good sportsmanship both on and off the field.

2. Fair Play: Compete with integrity and fairness. Follow the rules and regulations of each sport, and accept the decisions of officials with grace, even if you disagree.

3. Positive Attitude: Maintain a positive attitude, regardless of the outcome of your performance. Celebrate your achievements and those of others, and encourage fellow participants to do their best.

4. Safety First: Prioritize the safety and well-being of all individuals involved. Avoid actions that could potentially harm others and adhere to all safety guidelines.

5. Teamwork and Collaboration: Embrace the spirit of teamwork and collaboration. Encourage cooperation among teammates and opponents alike, and recognize the value of collective effort.

6. Responsible Conduct: Refrain from using inappropriate language, gestures, or behavior that may be offensive or disrespectful to others.

7. Inclusivity: Embrace diversity and inclusivity. Welcome participants of all backgrounds, abilities, and ages, and create an environment where everyone feels valued and included.

8. Honoring the Spirit of the Game: Uphold the essence of the sport by playing to the best of your ability and striving for excellence while maintaining a sense of fairness and respect.

9. Conflict Resolution: In case of disagreements or conflicts, communicate respectfully and seek resolution through appropriate channels. Avoid confrontational behavior and support a positive resolution process.

10. Supporting Officials and Volunteers: Recognize the essential role of officials, referees, and volunteers in facilitating the games. Treat them with respect and appreciation for their dedication to the event.

11. Preserving the Environment: Respect the facilities and venues where the games are held. Dispose of waste properly and help maintain a clean and sustainable environment.

By adhering to this Code of Conduct and Sportsmanship, you contribute to the success and integrity of the Nebraska Sports Council. Remember that your actions reflect not only on yourself but also on your team, your community, and the spirit of sportsmanship as a whole. Let’s create a positive and inspiring experience for all participants and celebrate the joy of sportsmanship at every level.

Participation in events organized by the Nebraska Sports Council implies acceptance of this Code of Conduct and Sportsmanship Statement.